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2.18 - Developing Feedback Loops

November 14, 2021

Developing Feedback Loops

Welcome back to When the Wind Epic podcast for parents, teachers, leaders, and anyone vested in the world of education. I am Erin Barnes, host of the show...and today’s co-hosts are

  1. Bart, how are you today? What has been your biggest surprise this year...good, bad, and ugly?
  2. I have asked you to talk about feedback loops...What are feedback loops?
  3. You taught me about developing feedback loops with the people I manage. I have taken this into my HOME...Why are feedback loops so important. 
  4. We are using surveys this year to manage feedback loops. We plan to send a few out this year that are the same so we can see how we are doing at transparency, teaching, customer service, and such...What do you expect to see from families? Teachers? 
  5. What makes a feedback loop fail? successful? 
  6. How do families begin setting this up in their homes? How do teachers do this with families? 

Tune in next week where we are rethinking how leadership and education can better prepare the next generation for a rapidly evolving world

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