The whenthewindblows’s Podcast

2.17 - Growth Mindset

November 7, 2021

Growth Mindset and Vulnerability


Welcome back to When the Wind Epic podcast for parents, teachers, leaders and anyone vested in world of education. I am Erin Barnes, host of the show...and today’s co-hosts are

  1. Who are you and what is your role in Epic?
  2. What is Growth Mindset to you? 
  3. What qualities are needed or found in people to make a growth mindset successful? 
  4. How can a teacher or parent foster this in a student?
  5. How can a school administrator foster GM in a teacher?
  6. How do you celebrate with a student when you recognize they have overcome negative talk or mindset? 

Tune in next week where we are rethinking how leadership and education can better prepare the next generation for a rapidly evolving world


4-6th grade PBL project


Novels the teach Growth Mindset


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