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1.11 - Content Creation vs Content Consumption

October 6, 2020

Content Creation vs Content consumption


Welcome back to When the Wind Epic podcast for parents, teachers, leaders and anyone vested in the world of education. Today’s topic Digital Sandboxes vs Content Creating Machines

Who: What: 

How did you get involved in education? What made you bring that to Epic?

Why this topic?

There are only 3 types of content: written, audio, visual. It’s been this way for thousands of years. We literally only have 3 choices. 

What has changed are the platforms. Instead of newspapers or TV, the platforms of today are Instagram, YouTube(vlogging),Tiktok, Podcasts, Blogging, Insta, Alone Challenge

What type of tools are needed to create content?

Cell phones, 


Paper and pencil



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Tune in next week where we are rethinking how leadership and education can better prepare the next generation for a rapidly evolving world.

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